There are some extreme experiences that demand travel to different countries which is expensive which would explain why South Africa has become the boom destination for extreme experiences and thrilling adventures.

Swimming With Penguins

Boulders Beach which is located in cosmopolitan Cape Town has a unique adventure to offer anyone interested in animals. Swimming with penguins can be a little intimidation but where’s the fun without a little bit of fear interspersed?

Boulders Beach is a sheltered inlet where protected African penguins are free to roam around. It is a colony of penguins that settled here around 1982. They were originally just two, a male and a female but have grown to a population of about 3,000. Technically, no one can swim close to the penguins and are limited to an area adjacent to the penguins region. There is a very short distance between the public beach and the penguins but it’s still an awesome feeling to be so close to these animals.

Caving in South Africa

The more popular caves to visit are the Cango Caves, Sudwala Caves, and the Sterkfontein Caves.

Cango Caves – Located in Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape Province, the Cango Caves has an extensive interior and is very popular. One can’t just drop by and expect to be accommodated. You will need to make advance bookings. The caves are about 5 kilometers deep and come with tour guides will regale you with stories of ghosts and legends. If you’re looking for extreme experiences, take the Adventure Tour which involves walking through dark tight passageways with one passageway being only 30 centimeters high so it’s definitely not advisable for those who are claustrophobic.

Sudwala Caves – These caves are among the oldest in the world but they are mostly flat and unexciting.

Sterkfontein Caves – These caves are interesting mainly because the first human remains from over 2 million years ago were found here. They are also very mainstream and not as exciting as the Cango Caves.

Kloofing in South Africa

Kloofing is a tremendous challenge that requires excellent balance and stamina. It’s a sport activity where you get to follow a stream from up a mountain downwards. This means going through gorges, swimming across bodies of water, and whatever else is required to get down the mountain. Kloofing in South Africa has become a favorite adventure for thrillseekers because the experience is never the same twice – even on the same mountain stream. And you never know what will happen next.

Kloofing was introduced in the Western Cape and has slowly been integrated into the other provinces as the demand for more sites increase. Some of the popular sites today are in Gauteng and Mpumalanga. One particular spot is called Suicide Gorge which is an extremely steep course which requires one to jump over dangerous areas, some of which are more than 13 meters high. Other enthusiasts enjoy going to Die Hei and Ratel River. All kloofing trips must have an experienced guide.